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The SBM Rag Doll

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Hello! You managed to find me then. I am so happy you dropped in. For those of you who don’t know what I am let me explain.

I am the SBM Rag Doll. I am not very old and I do not understand an awful lot. I don’t know where I came from or how I got here I just appeared one day.

I do know that I live inside something they call a computer and my home is a big yellow folder. My creator took ages to make me, and I am so glad she did because I think I am very pretty indeed (don’t you).

SBM I discovered is short for ScrapBook Memories and I am their mascot.

I have a very beautiful dress with matching shoes (I do love my shoes ever so much) and both have been made from the background design on the Scrapbook Memories website (so it is extra, extra special).

I have a pinafore with dangly bits hanging from the ribbons I think they are called daisies, (but I am not quite sure what a daisy is yet) and, and I have blue and white stripy stockings (they are a bit itchy) and white cotton bloomers with lace trims.

I don’t know what I am made from, but I do know real Rag Dolls are all squidgy and I am not. You see I am not a real Rag Doll I am known as a Digital Rag Doll and sadly that is how I will remain.


My dream is that one day I will become a real Rag Doll; I will be taken to a lovely home and given a special name. I will sit patiently on a shelf or chair and wait for my new owner to give me the hugest hug ever. I would be any little girl’s best est friend and make them sooo happy I’m sure.

Well the other day I heard my creator talking and they want to make me into a real Rag Doll (they don’t know I can sometimes see and hear them) I was sooo excited, I know if I was a real Rag Doll I would have probably wet my bloomers.

Anyway I decided to keep a diary of everything so I know what they are up to because they keep turning me off. So while they are sleeping I am going to sneak off and write in a big book that I found in one of the folders. This is my diary do you like it? I am sure they won’t miss it.

SBM Rag Doll Diary

© ManBobGem Designs 2013

I am going off now to find a pencil now you can find out happens next time right here

Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥


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