Trojan Horse Captured

I found the Trojan Horse and I am taking him home with me.  I will give him a good talking to and tell him not to be so nasty although he doesn’t look that nasty to me.  I must find Golly and show him.


Me with the Trojan Horse cute isn't he

Me with the Trojan Horse cute isn’t he

Golly was still busy munching his way through a cupcake when I arrived back at the store.  Look what I have found; he nearly choked when he saw the Trojan Horse I captured.  What on earth is that he said?  The Trojan Horse I caught him all by myself, and I am keeping him.


No,  No, No you silly rag doll that’s not a Trojan Horse he said, and even if it was you should never ever, ever bring one home with you.  Why not Golly I asked very puzzled indeed.  Golly was so angry I though he was going to pop and we would have cupcake all over the place.


Because they are very nasty and can cause lots of bad things to happen inside a computer.  A Trojan Horse isn’t a real horse it is just a name that it is called.  It is a computer file that has a special code inside it.  It has to be invited and once it gets into your computer it can let other people steal things from you and can make things go so badly wrong so bad we may never get back home, oh you have made me sooo angry I cannot believe you would think of bringing one home.

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I still don’t understand Golly what do you mean invited?  It is time to go home now it’s getting late we have to get back before they go to bed he said anyways I am too angry to explain it now.  Can I keep him Golly can I?  Golly ignored me (well he didn’t say No, No, No) I don’t think he is speaking to me now, so I will keep out of his way for a little while.  See you next time.


Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll ♥

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