The Invitations Are Going Out

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My party pieces2

I have found everything for the party.

I think I did quite well, don’t you.  All that is left to do is write out the invitations and post them.

I managed to find quite a lot of yummy treats  in the folders and I have hidden them in a box just in case Golly, Sam or Woody show up. 

Wait a minute I can hear something outside I am going to take a look.  Hello! Who is that? Hello!  I popped my head outside the folder and I could see this little person sitting on the floor dressed in green and wearing the strangest looking hat I had ever seen.  Oh who are you I enquired.Elfin2

My name is Elfin I am lost I am trying to find my way back to where I belong, what’s your name? The little person asked.  My name is, well I don’t have a name yet I am just called SBM Rag Doll.  Oh that’s sad not having a real name shall I give you a name then said the little person. 

Let me think about it for a while.  Now where did you come from? I asked. 

Well I fell out of my folder when someone was looking for something the little person replied.  I asked Elfin, if she knew which one because there are hundreds of them and we have to be sure you go back to the right one you know.  I can’t remember she replied.


I told Elfin that I will needed to post my invitations very soon, so if she came along with me we can both look for her folder together.  What are your invitations for?  Elfin asked curiously.

 I am having a party for my friends, oh that’s nice I have never been to a party what is a party? Elfin replied.  I proceeded to describe what a party was and started to feel sorry for the little person sitting on the floor outside my folder. 

Folder Makeover Flags1

It seemed to me she did not have any friends or went anywhere outside of her own folder and I couldn’t help thinking she reminded me of someone, but I could not think who.  Does she remind you of someone?  Then I had this horrible thought!  What if it was me that made Elfin fall out of her folder when I was rummaging for my party things?  Oh dear not again! 

Elfin!  Until we find your folder would you like to stay here with me and you can come to my party and meet all my friends.  The little person jumped to her feet and danced around in circles oh, oh Rag Doll can I can I really I would love that I really, really would.

OK that’s settled then you are going to stay with me, but we will have to find you some new clothes for the party.  

With that I handed Elfin her very own party invitation.


 Elfin Invite2

Join us both again next time for more adventures.



Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll & Elfin

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