Recycle Bin Rummage

We arrived at the recycle bin and I could not believe my eyes I was in my element.



Look at all this stuff Golly I could make good use of this.  The first thing that caught my attention was a beautiful cushion so I picked it up and carried on looking for my diary.  Oh what’s this picture (that would look good in my folder) yep I will have that.  I carried on rummaging and found a chair, a curtain, a teddy bear, a cute little table and a rug.  Golly was still looking for my diary but without much success, but I continued looking for more treasures.

Folder Makeover Flags1

After a while Golly found me knee-deep in a pile of stuff, what on earth are you doing he said and what is all this? I found it and I want to take it home with me.  No, No, No said golly we can’t possibly take all this stuff how will we get it back it’s far too heavy to carry and you should be looking for your dairy.  I know, I know but it is such a shame to throw all this lovely stuff away and I thought it would look good in my folder.  We can do a folder makeover, Golly was not amused Uh Oh I think I have upset him again.


Golly I have seen a car thingamy jiggy in one of the folders we can use one of those to carry my treasures.  No, No, No said Golly (yet again) neither of us knows how to work the car thingamy jiggy.  Well that’s not a problem I said, let’s go and ask if there is someone who can work one.  Come on Golly we have to be quick because I know things in here can vanish in a flash and I don’t want to lose all my treasures.


Folder Makeover Flags1



What is a recycle bin Golly? Well it is a type of dustbin where anything that is no longer needed gets put in there and every now and then it gets emptied and all the things that were in the bin are gone forever.  Oh dear I said and I quickly hurried off in search of a car and most importantly someone who could work it dragging a reluctant Golly behind me , quite forgetting the reason for going to the recycle bin in the first place My Diary.

Find out next time if we managed to save my treasures.



Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥


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