Our Trip on the Internet

Got our TicketsHello again I simply can’t wait to tell you my latest news or should I say our news. Guess go on guess where Golly and I went yesterday!

Yep we finally went on the Internet Explorer.

Oh my it was quite an adventure I can tell you.  I arrived at Golly’s folder very early with my suitcase all packed full of my favourite stuff.  Golly took one look at my suitcase and had a fit of the giggles.

Floral TrailWe are only going for a short visit, the Internet is very quick you know, anyways what on earth have you got in there asked Golly.  I’ve never been on a trip before Golly, so I packed all my favourite stuff in this suitcase I found the other day.  I have my dairy to take notes, I have a pencil and most importantly a spelling book so we won’t get lost.

Oh dear said Golly we don’t need a spelling book we have Google.  What is a Google? I asked.  Google is a massive search engine on the Internet that can find anything you want very, very quickly and when we have found it Google will take us there.  So where would you like to go asked Golly.  I would like to look at some hats.

Folder Makeover Flags1

No, No, No said Golly I am not going clothes shopping you can do that on your own.  In that case I would like to go and look at some toys in a museum I replied.  OK said Golly that sounds like a good idea let’s find Google and type that in.  Do you need my spelling book Golly?

Golly gave me disapproving look and rolled his eyes.  I forgot he was very clever.  Golly typed in “toy museum” and in a flash up popped hundreds and hundreds of toy places we could go and visit.  Oh Golly can we go and have a look please, please, please.Floral Trail

We had a lovely time but some of the toys were so old we couldn’t go near them because they were in glass cases and the other toys were very odd looking indeed.   I was disappointed that I couldn’t bring one of the toys back with me as a souvenir of my trip on the Internet Explorer.

Where next asked Golly.  I was more interested in something Golly had once told me about, something called a Trojan Horse.  He said they can be very nasty but I wanted to see for myself so I decided I would like to try and find one.

I was very sneaky I know how much Golly loves cupcakes, so I suggested we look at a cake store.  Sure enough Golly could not resist.  I wasn’t very hungry so while he was busy munching I crept off in search of the Trojan Horse.  Find out what happens next time.

Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥

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