My Big Surprise

Cupcakes for Tea2Hello welcome back everyone, I simply can’t wait to tell you about my news.  I had the best surprise ever, in fact I got two.  I arrived back at my folder, cupcakes at the ready.   I put the cupcakes down because I wanted to surprise Golly and Sam.

As I entered my folder I could not believe my eyes.  Golly and Sam had put everything back into my folder and it looked beautiful.

Oh Golly! Oh Sam! it looks wonderful it really does thank you, thank you so, so much I simply love it what a wonderful surprise.  You have both worked so hard you must be very hungry I know I am, wait here I have a surprise for both of you too and I rushed outside and grabbed the cupcakes.


It took me ages to get these cupcakes I had to give the folders a little shake to see if any fell out and look what I got us.  I couldn’t help notice that both Golly and Sam had huge cheeky grins on their faces.  I thought they were up to no good before, now I was absolutely positive.

What are you both up to I asked?

Folder Makeover Flags1


Golly replied we have got you the biggest surprise ever.  Whatever is it? You have already put my folder back together what else could there be? I asked.



Golly said Rag Doll what is the one thing you miss out of all of the treasures you have? I thought very carefully because I thought they were up to mischief.  Well Golly it would have to be my diary of course.  It had all my pictures and notes in it all about me becoming a real rag doll.  I suppose I will have to find another one and start all over again I sighed.

We found itTa Da cried Golly and Sam holding up MY DIARY.  We found it Rag Doll we found it.  Oh my word where on earth did you find it ?


Gosh I love it!

Gosh I love it! and where did you find my diary?

We moved your treasure box and there it was underneath.  It had been there all the time Rag Doll.

Oh Golly! Oh Sam  thank you, thank you so very much.


I jumped and skipped around my new folder I was so happy.  I think I am the luckiest rag doll ever.

After we have finished our cupcakes I am going to write everything down before I forget anything.

Join me and my friends next time and I will show you my new folder.


Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥


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