Meet My New Friend

My New FriendHello I am so pleased you came back I have so much to tell you this week. The other day I managed to get a glimpse of the notice board and I must say there doesn’t seem to be much happening.

I was very upset perhaps because I thought they had forgotten about me, so I decided to go and investigate some more folders.

Before I set off I looked inside the pictures folder to see if I could find my new friend.  Oh I forgot I haven’t told you about my new friend have I.  His name is Golly and he is very, very clever.

Golly has been telling me about all the things inside the computer and what they can do, some of it is very, very scary.  We both decided one day we would take a trip on something called the Internet Explorer?

Golly say’s we can go to other places all over the world and come back again in a flash gosh it does sound exciting I can’t wait to go on our trip.

Golly say’s we must be very, very careful and we must remember our address and learn our spelling first, because if we forget how to spell proper we could get lost and never ever get back home.

Oh my gosh I don’t want that to happen so we will wait a while until we find a spelling book somewhere and we can take that with us.

We both set off in search of a special folder the one about meeeee.  Golly seems to think there must be one somewhere and that it will tell me a little bit more about what is happening.

We haven’t found it yet but we did find a folder with lots and lots of music inside.

Golly managed to get some music to play and we had a lovely time dancing and singing, I am quite worn out now so I am going back to my folder for a nap and later I am going to look for a suitcase ready for my journey on the IE.  See you all later and I will show you what I find.

Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥

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