I Have Lost My Diary

I am so upset

I am so upset

All my precious notes and pictures have gone forever and ever where is my diary?I am trying to remember what happened after I found that Trojan Horse perhaps he ate it OH NO! 

The last thing I remember was that Golly was so very angry with me about the Trojan Horse, well how was I to know I had never seen one before.  I bought him home with me ‘cos no one seemed to want him and I must say he quite likes it here in my folder.

I will let you into a little secret I am a bit scaredy cat at the moment I am afraid to ask Golly if he can help me find my diary, so I will have to think about it for a bit.

Anyways back to the hunt for my diary.  I remember I did visit the inbox the other day, maybe I left it in there.  I also went to the recycle bin, gosh there were loads of things in there.  I could have had lots of stuff but suddenly it all vanished, I was very lucky I didn’t get vanished with them.  I will add these to my list of places where I need to look.

Floral Trail

I have made up my mind I will go and see Golly today this is far too important and I will ask for his help (yet again).  Maybe he won’t be so angry with me if I take him a special cupcake and a megabyte. I found both of them lying around, I think they had fallen out of a file or something.

I am looking for my diary can you see it?

I am looking for my diary can you see it?

Then later I think we should both go and visit the music folder again.  That will cheer us both up I’m sure, we had so much fun the last time.  If you know where my diary is please let me know won’t you.  See you all later.


Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll ♥

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