I Found A Suitcase

My Suitcase
Look what I found a lovely suitcase that matches my pretty dress this will do nicely for my trip on the Internet Explorer I am so excited I can’t wait.

Well this week has been very exciting the notice board (you know the humungous board I was telling you about) is now full of pretty patterns, and it has a big red tick next to it.  It looks like they have decided to send it off to be printed on a special material or something I’m not quite sure.

I do love the pretty patterns for my dress they are all different shades of blue with flowers and stripes and checks all muddled together.  But the best things I like are my shoes they are very comfy and I do hope they make them all squidgy like the other raggedy dolls have.

Folder Makeover Flags1

I also heard them talking about the daisies for my pretty pinafore so I will pop back later and see how they have got on.

Golly showed me the camera inside the computer today but we didn’t touch it.  He said when the computer’s screen is pointing at something you can take a picture of what you can see.  Wow I am going to have a go on that, then I can show you the notice board, but golly has to show me how to work it first.

Folder Makeover Flags1

I am very puzzled we still can’t find the big yellow folder about me, and we still have to find a spelling book so I think we will have another look today.  I am just going to get a few things together first ready for my big trip and then I will go and see Golly, he might have some idea where we can look. 

Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥

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Our Internet Trip

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