Folder Makeover

This is my folder

This is where I live boring isn’t it

I was so grateful to Sam helping me get all the treasures I found in the recycle bin back to my folder.   My folder is very boring you know, everything is in order and I want to have a big sort out and change things around so we are giving it a makeover.  Golly is coming over to help because some things are quite heavy and I simply cannot manage to move them on my own.


Hooray Golly is here,  now we can get started.  Right said Golly let’s move things out-of-the-way first come on Rag Doll get a wriggle on we have lots to do.  We started to lift the heavy things out first and then Sam appeared.

Hello everyone what are you doing he asked. We are giving my folder a makeover do you want to help us, and we are all going to have cupcakes afterwards I replied.  Oh yes please I would love to stay and help said Sam.Floral Trail

We were all very busy and I looked over and  noticed Golly and Sam both whispering to each other in the corner.  What are you doing? I asked um nothing Rag Doll we just thought you had better go and get the cupcakes for later said Sam.

OK I said rather suspiciously so off I went.  I spent ages rummaging through the folders looking for the cupcakes but eventually a few dropped out.  I had better be quick and get back because I am starving.  See you next time.



Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥



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