Cupcake & Megabyte

Cupcake and a Megabyte for Golly

Cupcake and a Megabyte for Golly

Hello nice to see you again.  I am in a bit of a rush today I have this cupcake and megabyte present for Golly. 


I am on my way over to his folder now and I have to be quick because it is very heavy. I am giving this huge cupcake and a megabyte for Golly to say sorry for the Trojan Horse incident I don’t think he has recovered quite yet.

I still haven’t found my diary but I did find a notepad, so I will use that until I find it.  The notepad is very clever it remembers everything I put in it until I need to use it again, but I must remember to press the save button or everything will vanish.

Golly it’s me Rag Doll .  Hello Rag Doll WOW what is all this? said Golly.  I have come to say sorry for the other day and I have a gift for you.  It’s a cupcake and a megabyte and I made the cupcake all by myself I hope you like it.


Oh Rag Doll thank you so much I will save it for later,  we can both have some with our tea.  I am going to put my megabyte in a safe place because I always need a spare.

Golly I thought today we could go and visit the music folder but before we do could you help me please.  I have lost my diary.  I have looked everywhere but I can’t find it anywhere and I wondered if I left it behind when we went on the Internet Explorer.  No, No, No said Golly I remember you did bring it back with you I remember.  Where else have you been since I last saw you?

Floral Trail

Well I went to the Inbox to check if any mail had arrived and then I had a look in the recycle bin.  Golly would you come and help me find it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

I know how much your diary means to you Rag Doll so I think we should look in the recycle bin first come let’s go there now.  So off we went to have a look and well you never guess what we came across.  See you next time and you can find out what happened.


Hugs & kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥


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