Car Man Sam

Car Man Sam

Car Man Sam

On our way back from the recycle bin we heard this strange noise and a bright blue object was heading straight for us.  What is it Golly? I asked.  I’m not sure but it looks very scary said Golly.  I decided to close my eyes and hoped it would go away.

The blue object got closer and closer and screeched to a halt.  I slowly opened one eye and peeped to have a quick look, to my astonishment I saw a car a lovely big blue car I was very impressed.

Hello! My name is Sam.  Hello Sam we both replied rather gingerly, where did you come from? I asked.  Sam replied out of the pictures folder back there, someone told me you need help getting your treasures back home.


Oh yes we do need some help could you help us Sam?  Of course I can.  I am just on the way to the paint shop though because I had a bit of a scrape the other day and now I am taking my car to get a new paint job, you can both come with me if you like and then we can collect your treasures on the way back.

Folder Makeover Flags1

It sounded so exciting I completely forgot that my treasures may have vanished by the time we got back.  We jumped into the car and off we all went.  I was so excited  I have never been in one of these car thingamy jiggy’s before and it went so fast I nearly lost my pigtails.   Golly however, was feeling a bit sick.


At the paint shop Sam chose the new colour for his car, a deep red and while we waited I told Sam about our adventure on the Internet Explorer and about my missing diary.  Sam said I am sure you will find it you seemed have looked everywhere it can’t be far.  I suppose so I replied.

Your car is ready Sam you can take it away now.  Thank you it looks lovely, you have done a good job.  Look everyone look at my car it’s as good as new. Now off to the recycle bin to collect your treasures said Sam.

Sam in his new car

Sam in his new car

I do hope it is still there Golly, so do I replied Golly I don’t think I would like to be around if it has all gone. What do you mean Golly I asked very puzzled?

We are here and look Golly all my treasures are still where I left them, quick let’s grab them a go.  We piled everything into the car and raced back to my folder, unloaded everything and collapsed into a big heap on the floor.


Oh it has been a very busy day hasn’t it Golly I am rather tired now. I am too said Golly I am off home I will see you tomorrow and help you with the  make-over on one condition. What is that Golly?  I asked.  We have CUPCAKES shouted Golly, feeling better now are we Golly I replied and we all rolled about laughing.

Join me next time to see how we get on with the make-over.


Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥


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