A New Dress For Elfin

Gonna have to hide this hat. Read on to find out why.

Gonna have to hide this hat. Read on.

Well  Elfin and I have been very, very busy decorating my folder for the party and planning what games we can all play etc,etc.

The most important thing now is to find Elfin a dress to wear, so I decided to go off and see what I could find and surprise her.

On my way I bumped into Woody, hello woody where are you going?  Hello Rag Doll I am going to fill up my oil can it’s empty and I have a very big job to do tomorrow.  Thank you for the party invitation I am really looking forward to it,  where are you going Rag Doll?  Do you need any help?  Asked Woody.

Oh no Woody I will be fine I am only going for a walk and having a look round goodbye Woody I will see you at my party.

Folder Makeover Flags1

I looked in the picture folder but I couldn’t see anything so I decided to look at some dresses on the Internet.

Golly had already shown me what to do, so I typed dresses into Google and WOW what a selection.  It took me ages to find the perfect dress for Elfin and it was getting quite late so I made my choice grabbed it and hurried back to my folder to show Elfin.

Here Elfin looked what I got for you do you like it?  Oh Rag Doll it is so pretty I will go and try it on.

Doesn't she look cute

Doesn’t she look cute

Elfin came rushing back and said I love my new dress and look it matches my shoes.

I looked down and her green shoes had suddenly changed to the same colour as her new dress,  I was puzzled but I didn’t ask Elfin how.

Join us all next time for the PARTY!


We will see you all again soon.



Hugs & Kisses

SBM Rag Doll♥

Message from Elfin

I am still wearing my hat2

I love my new dress I really do but I am still wearing my hat.

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